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This game has begun, and is no longer accepting start-ups


  • Game Details
  • Module Information
  • Adventures
  • Module Errata

  • Game Details

    This game will not fill to 100, it is intended for experimentation, solo play or more casual play. If you are looking for a 'hardcore' game, wait for the next game.

    Unlike all other games, I will give assistance to players who request assistance. I will do so in order to make the game more fun, or in line with any role-playing that occurs.

    You may play this game with the normal one position, but it is also permitted to run two positions at once.

    If you join the game with two positions:
    a.) You must continue to run two positions for at least 12 months, ie during the first year you may NOT drop one of them and continue with the other.
    b.) They must be of the same racial type (Twilight, Iridescent or Darkland).
    c.) At least one of them must be a Hero or an Adventuring Party.

    Character Rolling Thunder is not banned.

    Overlord: CBBAAA One Guild Str 12
    Mercenary: DBBB One Guild Str 12
    Adventurer: DBBBBB
    Hero: EC

    10 day turnaround (Starts as 10, ends as 10).

    Revolts every 2 months.
    Training Level: 8
    SEI cap: 800
    Tac cap: 100%
    Tradegoods will weigh 5.
    Thief Ruin penalty 230.

    No Teleporting of TGs using adventures or item activation.

    Character Rolling Thunder permitted in this game.

    The 'remove MAR' standard special action is allowed - it may be done within one month of recruiting a character and removes their MAR shield.

    New 'remove MAR' special action allowed - within one month of game start you may remove the MAR shell from your starting location if you are Mercenary or Overlord.

    Module Information

    There will be no TechnoMages, TechnoKnights or TechnoCrusader positions.

    There will be no initial alliances, nor Covert clashes.

    There will be no factions, Lone Wolves or Victory Conditions.

    (Hence ignore pages 56-66!)

    There will be a 1 Year King's Peace, 'spirit based'. The D1 and D2 orders are not prohibited by either the King's Peace code, NOR by the 'Spirit Based' King's Peace. You are allowed to issue these two orders without concern.

    Each 12 months there will be an Olympics. There will be no in-game benefits to winning, nor will they count as a Victory Condition. Instead, they are there for those who wish to compete, the only reward is the adulation of your peers.

    I will accept nominations by email, for character 1-1000 only, in the following fields:
    Highest Wizard; Highest Sorcerer; etc...; Highest Ranger.
    (All values are effective: those shown on the results sheet.)

    I will also accept nominations, by email, for these extra awards:
    Most crowns in one possessions
    Most troops in one force
    Highest AF shown in a battle report.
    Most Mana spent on a single spell
    Furthest distance travelled in one move order (according to geometry, not number of provinces travelled.)


    Adventures 2500-2502 from TC3 are not in play.

    Module Errata

    Pg 16
    Special action 4101 - 'to what ??????' should be replaced with 'to the religion's spell list'

    Pg 27
    Koros religion
    Replace 'no favoured race' with 'no initial favoured race'. The favoured race gets mana recovery + 2.

    Pg 29
    Adventure 141 - the sponsor need not be of Koros (be any priest lvl 20). The sponsor will be converted to Koros.

    Pg 34
    Adventure 157 - lose 2 cinderoak.

    Pg 38
    Adventure 166
    'Mandrake potions' do not exist... requires 1 mandra potion - item 400 (not 1 mandrake - item 423).

    Pg 57
    'that religion may not make declarations' should read 'these religions may not declare blood enemies'.

    Pg 70
    Adventure 2757
    The prisoner is consumed.

    Pg 72
    Adventure 2768
    Belladona does not exist... replace with belladon.

    Pg 75
    Adventure 2774 - mislabeled as adventure 774.

    Pg 77
    Adventure 2400 no longer gives title 2400, instead title 2400 is required (the GM will add this at game start). The adventure also gives 2 silver, silverleaf and 1 apprentice ring (item 2405) which gives 9 free mana to the runepower spell.

    In the Koros spell list
    123 Summon Relzablab
    124 Summon Zenobar
    125 Summon Garcontha
    are level 4 spells, not level 3.

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