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Legends POLL for the Next Game?

Last Updated 6/6/2016.

This Poll is now OPEN. Look here to help decide what game of Legends is run next.

This page gives more details on the games listed in the POLL on whispers to help decide what game to run next.

You need to be logged into the whispers Yahoo group to access the POLL.

If you think one of the proposed variations to the modules below would unblance the module then please contact the GM.


  • Option 1: Nic74
  • Option 2: OR 07
  • Option 3: Sop27
  • Option 4: AiA26

  • Option One: North Island Campaign 74

    Game Summary

    This is a variant of NIC where the Druid Faction and the Dragon Slayers are absorbed into the other 5 main factions.


    There are 5 main factions in game (#1, #2, #3, #4 and #7).

    Every player must join one of the 5 main factions above.

    One member of each of the 5 main factions can also become members of faction #5 (Druids), converts main to Wyldwood religion

    All non-druid Hero/Adventure party positions may also join faction #8 (Dragon Riders) as additions to their main factions!

    The Druids and dragon riders are not separate factions but their adventures can be accessed if you are a 'member' of them.

    The Solaran Parliament of Rooks is removed.


    Each faction may have one main character become a member of the Druid faction, who may complete adventure 1500, and this allows them influencing possibilities for the Druidic Council towns (forces 3026, 3049 and the White Tree).

    Adventure 1500 will require the 'Druidic' title to complete it. Each Faction will have available to it a once only adventure that will give one of its members the 'Druidic' title. This aventure will require the sponsor to have 15 Prestige, and cost them -5 Prestige to complete.

    Most druid faction adventures and special actions are changed to be 'once per character' this affects adventures 1501, 1505, 1506, 1507, 1508, 1509, 1510, 1511, 1515, 1516, 1517

    Druidic Victory
    If the druid position in a faction fulfills all the victory conditions for the druid faction then the main faction may claim a Druidic victory (this ends the game and counts as a win, even if their main factional goals are not fulfilled).

    Dragon Riders

    Each faction may have main characters become Dragon Riders, who may each complete one of adventure 1801, 1802 or 1803, and this allows them influence possibilities for the Old Dragonrider towns (forces 3019, 3020, 3021).

    The 'First Month Only' restriction is removed from adventures 1801, 1803 and 1803, but they will now require the 'Dragonrider' title to complete. There will be an adventure to let a non-druidic main charcter claim the 'Dragonrider' title. This aventure will require the sponsor to have 15 Prestige, and cost them -5 Prestige to complete. Dragon Rider Clashes The Dragonrider clashes are open to all main characters with the title Dragon Rider. However, no one character may enter both the pugilist and gladiator clash, and each faction may only enter one pugilist and one gladiator.

    This rule will be waived during the third and final set of clashes (all Dragon riders will be entered in both the final Pugilist and Gladiator clashes)

    After the final Dragon Rider Clash: The faction that contains the winning Dragonmaster may claim an honourable mention if they do not go on to win the game.

    Option Two: Standard One Ring 7 (Shortened Adventure Times)

    Game Summary

    This is a standard game of OR except that the shortened adventure times of OR6 will be retained.

    Adventure Times Adjusted

    1. Gondor/Eriador: Gandalf Rallies at Minas Tirith (1334) was at production 6, now at production 5. Fortify at Minas Tirith (1335) was at production 6, now at production 5. Muster at Harrowdale (1160) host was at production 10, now at production 8. Sam/Rosie (1373) was at production 12, now at production 9.

    2. White Hand: Summon Gandalf was at month 10, now at month 8. King Saruman's Mines was at month 4, now at month 3. Troops of Isengard was at month 8, now at month 6.

    3. Mirkwood: Easterling Horde adventures (1650 and 1651) were at productions 10 and 20 now become productions 8 and 16. Summon Shelob/Throwkmaw/Lamthanc (1617/1618/1619) were at production 10, now all become production 8.

    4. Ring Adventures: Heart-of-Oak adventure becomes Heart-of-Flint was at month 10, now at month 8. Nazgul to shire was at month 5, now at month 4.

    5. General: Reward vassals (3) was at production 10, now at production 8.

    Option Three: SOP27 Fixed Faction Duo/Trio

    Game Summary

    In this SOP variant players pledge to faction Coalition (normally a pair, but there are two trios).

    Such a game may produce broken combos of adventures, the idea would be to play and explore it.

    Victory is achieved by fulfilling one faction's VCs in the group. The VCs to use for each group are listed below.

    Faction Coalitions

    Pledge for one of these faction coalitions and get the membership titles for all the included factions.

    Empire and Pantheon - (Empire VCs)
    Patriarchy and Kingdom (Patriarchy's VCs)
    Shadowlings and Horde (Horde VCs)
    Barbarians and Dark King (Dark King VCs)
    Dark knights, Black Dragons and Raven Lords (Raven Lords VCs)
    Light knights, Gold Dragons, Council of Light (Council of Light VCs)

    Your main character at setup must meet the membership requirements for one of the factions in your chosen coalition.

    As some of the factions have membership requirements that cannot be met at start up, setups for those factions must fulfill these conditions:

    • Knights of Pelarn need not be a titled member but must meet the requirements to be a titled member at startup.
    • Kingdom of Pelarn must start with an influence of 5.
    • Dark King must not be an elf, must have evil religion, priest or necromancer 15.
    • Raven Lords factional characters may chose to start as priests of the raven, but would not gain any spells until such time as the religion is activated.

    You are only permitted to become a Leader of the Factions within your own starting coalition. You may only become a member of a faction at game start, if you accidentally complete an adventure that makes you a member of another faction, please get in touch and we will remove the title and membership

    Leaders may not invite new members into a faction.

    Modified Victory Conditions

    Joint Victories between faction coalitions are not allowed.

    All Astral Goal Victory conditions ignored.

    For a given Faction Coalition:
    To declare any victory, no other faction group may control more than 8 module cities.

    Total Victory: All required Module Cities are owned/destroyed as required, All items and conditions etc.... are owned/fulfilled as required in the module VCs for the good/evil faction in the group.

    Military Dominance Victory: After all required Module Cities are owned/destroyed/uncontrolled as required in the module VCs for the faction in the group, make a public declaration of intention to claim Military Dominance. If this is maintained for 3 productions (ie a period of at least 2 months play time) after the declaration victory is achieved.
    This removes the situation of dominating the map and having to item chase for ages, or having to appeal to every other player to concede. The 2 production maintenance period gives any objecting player time to take in game action!

    Option Four: Standard Adventures in Avalon 26

    Game Summary

    What is on offer here is the a game of the standard Adventures in Avalon as outlined in the module document, not the accelerated version, Avalon Revisited.

    Set after the wars in The Crown of Avalon, the cities of the East have fallen to the Dragon Lords, only the Citadel of the Dwarves remain, corrupted by evil.

    The West is riven by divisions, ripe for a new leader to arise and counter the threat from the East.

    This slower paced version of the module will give you time to develop your position and rise to power. It may be that this game will run with a faster turnaround.

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