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For Player advice on how to Run the LPE on a Mac go here.



Better known as LPE, the Legends Position Editor is a free GUI which allows you to view your turn results and write orders, as well has having mapping, move plotting and data collation functions.

There are two versions of LPE available for you:

LPE 2.5.0 is the latest version of LPE, and will handle up to 300 General Basic Orders if that feature has been enabled a particular game. This feature is turned on in the One Ring 6 and all subsequent games.

LPE 2.4.3 is the last stable version before 2.5.0 and should only be used if you have any problems with the newest version.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I rebuild a database for one position without affecting any others?
  2. A couple of hints to work around a "confused" LPE:
  3. The Barriers of Nature that I just cast don't show up on the LPE map... why?
  4. How do I uninstall the LPE so that I can install it from scratch?
  5. What advice do you have concerning archiving?
  6. How do I get the Data Import button to ungrey?
  7. How do create a position manually?
  8. I am having trouble unpacking my turn (installation advice).

  9. Some of the windows don't show all the text...
  10. Is LPE movement cost worked out backwards?
  11. Is LPE movement costing broken?
  12. How do you set up encounter orders to encounter a specific race with LPE?
  13. How do I export all my item data to trade?

  14. How do I view Dreams and Legends in LPE?
  15. How do I change my account number?
  16. What are the main causes of corrupting the LPE database?
  17. What advice do you have concerning restoring an archive?
  18. What is a good way to rebuild a defective LPE from scratch?
  19. Why is LPE not showing amounts on my possessions?
  20. How can I prevent crashing when writing turn orders?
  21. It crashed when I wrote my turn orders and when I try to open it, it justs crashes again...
  22. What's going on with popsegs?
  23. My LPE crashed when I wrote my orders, what can I do?
  24. Over the new year, LPE stops overwriting sighting reports for forces, using the December data in preference to the January data. What can I do?
  25. How do I run my turn in sequence with those of other players?
  26. Why Does LPE show incorrect information?
  27. Why can’t I view an ally’s turn (or my own turn) through the LPE turn viewer?

  28. Any advice for Vista?
  29. Any advice about how to install LPE on Vista?

  30. Can I recover my turn after an LPE crash?
  31. How do I cope if LPE keeps crashing due to tracking on a complex order?
  32. Do you have any advice for MAC users?

  33. Any advice when installing LPE in Windows 7?

  1. Q: How do I rebuild a database for one position without affecting any others?
    A: (From Dean Johnson)

    Start the LPE.
    From the position menu select "configure manually"
    From the window that pops up, select DELETE
    Click on desired position, confirm yes.

    This deletes the map and database for your game.

    Now, goto the \lpe\unpack\read directory.
    Copy all the GAMEXX (e.g. SOP24) turn files there into \lpe\unpack.

    Once done, from the LPE main screen select unpack.
    You should see ALL those turn files available to you for unpacking.
    Make sure these are checked on the unpack screen:
    1. overwrite
    2. Archive
    3. Create initial position

    Then unpack one of YOUR turns (not an ally's), preferably your setup turn. This creates the position/map anew in the LPE.

    Now, uncheck "create initial position" on the unpack screen.
    Proceed to unpack the turn files. You can select multiple files and let the LPE go for it, but I advise doing no more than 20 at once.

    Goto the import screen, import with "use dates" checked (default).
    Don't forget to click the LTE radio button to see the LTE data (if any of your allies are using the LTE) and import that.

    Repeat the unpack/import cycle until all files are done.

    Reset positional attitudes, edit in un-scouted barriers that you have cast, edit in your sperry's knowledge castings.

    Rebuild done!

  2. A couple of hints to work around a "confused" LPE:
    Bob Dessert says:

    1. If the LPE has "lost track" of things with Tracking ON, try saving your turn, closing your turn and then reopening it. If that doesn't work, do the above again, but exit the LPE after the turn is saved.
    2. If you still do not see your pieces as you should, reload your turn from the LPE/Unpack/Read folder. Just point to it there and unpack and import it again. The reason for doing this, even in a perfectly working LPE and DB, is that if you are loading ally turns into the LPE and an ally, e.g. does not see you in his guild due to invisibility or whatever, the LPE will update and say your character is not in the guild and "off the map". Reloading your turn, even if it has an earlier date than the ally's turn will correct this.
    3. If your turns are still not tracking correctly, you may need to restore your last known good archive and rebuild the LPE from there. See Q5 below.

  3. Q: The Barriers of Nature that I just cast don't show up on the LPE map, why?

    A: (from Dean Johnson) - The LPE does not read the spell results into its database. You need to add them by hand.

    e.g. Barriers are cast in province 27/28
    They are cast to the NW and W stopping entry into P27/28 from those directions.

    These barriers actually exist in the provinces next to P27/28 although you cast the spell on P27/28

    So, on the LPE map screen move to the province one west of P27/28, P26/28 (i.e. make sure the white square map cursor is around this province).

    Near the top LH corner of the LPE map screen there are two large squares showing the province terrain/forces. Move the mouse over them and wait. The LH one will say "click to view province data", the RH one will say, "right click to find a force".

    You want the LH square, left click the mouse on that.
    This will pull up the Province Edit screen.
    Near the bottom of this screen there are 2 tabs.
    Click on the "Rivers, Roads, Barriers and Coasts" tab.
    One quarter of the of this screen is to do with barriers.

    This province data if for 26/28. To stop movement into 27/28, 26/28 has to have a barrier to the East, direction 3. Double left click on the box in this direction and the ? will change to a NO. Double click again and it will change to a YES. Click on the SAVE button near the top of the screen. Do this for EACH province you edit, or only the changes to the last province you edit will be saved.

    You will not see anything on the map!

    After editing all the provinces that you want to, exit the LPE map screen and goto the import/export screen. Hit the build map button. Return to the map screen and your changes should now be visible!

    Barriers do not show up (even if you have cast them) unless you send a scout through the province in which they exist. In this case, the LPE puts it into the map for you. This is why sometimes the LPE includes and sometimes it doesn't. Have fun.

  4. Q: How do I uninstall the LPE so that I can install it from scratch?

    A: The LPE is a Windows 3.1 program, so it puts nothing in a W95/98/Me/2000 registry that needs to be "uninstalled". Likewise, it puts all it's files in the \LPE folder and it's subfolders.

    BE SURE to save all your turns (in the LPE\Unpack\read folder) so you will have them to read in again once you have installed a new LPE.

    So you can just delete the \LPE folder and it's subfolders in any version of windows with no adverse repercussions to the Windows operating system or any other program.

  5. Q: What advice do you have concerning archiving?
    A: (From Bob Dessert)

    Archiving saves your database as of the moment you archive. Everything (good or bad) in it is there. That is why you should mainly archive when you know the DB is good.

    The easiest way to solve LPE DB problems (and you will eventually get them unless you run a very simple position), is to Archive your LPE regularly, e.g. once per month. Then when the DB goes sour, you only have to restore the last known good DB and build from there rather than rebuild it from scratch. (You did save ALL the turns currently in your LPE, did you not?)

    In LPE 1.06 and 1.07, there is a way to backup the DB from the "Two Sword" opening screen, called "Archive". It has to be used immediately after LPE startup, will ask for the position number to archive and will zip the required files for that position. It does not remove the position from the LPE, just makes a compressed copy (zip) of the DB files for that position. The archive file is named mmddyy.zip and placed deep within the LPE in the folder Lpe\Data\Archive\GGGPPP where GGG is the game and PPP is the position, e.g. D99066. So the entire path to an archive made on Feb 6, 2003 could be C:\Lpe\Data\Archive\D99066\020603.zip

    Alas, future archives of the same position will include the last archive in it (hence geometrically increase the file size) if you do not manually move the last archive to a safe location. I just use the Windows Explorer to locate the archive zipped file mmddyy.zip and Move it up a level to the Lpe\Data\Archive folder. Then it is not included the next time you make an archive. Using this procedure, the archive files start out pretty small (about 100KB and seldom get bigger than 500KB even near the end of the game, so it does not take too much room on a modern drive to keep however many you like.

  6. Q: How do I get the Data Import button to ungrey?
    A: (from Alan Phillipson & Dean)

    Lpe is only written in 16bit, so doesn't support long filenames (or folder names) I had this problem, and it went away completely when I reinstalled the lpe at c:\lpe\...

  7. Q: How do create a position manually?
    A: (from Natalie Lejeune)

    It's easy, on the main black and red LPE screen in the top left corner there is a button which will give you a list of options click on the one for manual setup new position (or something like that) and fill in the boxes. You will need your password so just view your turn in the results part of LPE using wordpad and you can find it

  8. Q: I am having trouble unpacking my turn (installation advice)
    A: (Dean)

    When you first download and install LPE, put it in the root of your machine, e.g. c:/LPE

  9. Q: Some of the windows don't show all the text...
    A: (Sam)

    Try changing your text size in Windows settings.

  10. Q: Is LPE movement cost worked out backwards?
    A: (Dean)

    Yes: when you move, you will move into the next province as long as you have at least 0.1 movement. In the days before LPE, this is how you would work it out, total up your move but you had to remember that you could get into the last province, even if you do not have the full move.

    With the LPE, it gives you this last province first, by only charging you 0.1 move. From then on, you have to have the full terrain cost in move points to be able to move into the next province. It was thought that this was a clearer way to write the LPE.

  11. Q: Is LPE movement costing broken?
    A: (Harlequin)

    Slightly: LPE does not get movement modifiers from magic, coast or river correct, it's very close (and we are looking at getting it fixed) but for important moves you can calculate the movement manually as follows:

    Cost to enter a province is calculated as follows:

    Using table take the terrain cost of the destination province.

    Add the river cost if there is a river flag marked in the origin province in the direction of the destination province ( 0, +2 or +2.8 ).

    Add the coastal cost if there is a coastal flag marked in the origin province in the direction of the destination province. (0, +1 or + 1.4 )
    NOTE this is not the same as the destination province being reported as coastal in the turn report, it is a very different marker in the database.

    Add the movement cost modifer from the destination province, as listed in the LPE, multiplied by 5 for horizontal/vertical movement or by 7 for diagonal movement. This can be negative a modifier.

    The sum of all the above is the base cost, which is then modified for roads as follows.
    Start with a multiplier of 1.
    Subtract 0.25 if there is a road flag marked in the origin province in the direction of the destination province.
    Subtract 0.25 if there is a road flag marked in the destination province heading back in the direction of the origin province.
    Multiply the base cost times this road multiplier ( one of x 1, x 0.75 or x 0.5 ).

    If the result is less the 0.3 then use 0.3.

    The final result is the cost to enter a province and keep moving.

    A force can always enter a province if it has at least 0.1 movement point left and it will stop in that province, regardless of the move cost for that province.

  12. Q: How do you set up encounter orders to encounter a specific race with LPE?
    A: (Dean)

    A slight trick to this one. Start writng the order, set the amount of troops, click the next arrow to go to the next screen.Now you will tabs for:

    Encounter vs. Any
    Specific force
    Specific position
    BUT no RACE, right?

    Just to the right of the Specific Position tab you will see a small left/right arrow. Click on the right arrow and more encounter options will come into view. Specific Race will be there.

  13. Q: How do I export all my item data to trade?
    A: (Dean)

    LPE main screen, hit D for Data/Import export

    Pulls up the IMPORT screen. On this screen, just above the EXIT button, there is an "export data" tab. Click on that. You are now on the export screen.

    There are 3 columns of toggles for different sorts of data. Click on the button at the top of the right hand column called "Physical items". This should toggle all the item radio buttons on.

    Make sure the check box just below the "Physical items" button is NOT check. In this state is says "All item data". When checked it says "Only complete data" and that is bad.

    When done, click MAKE EXPORT. This creates an MYDATA file in the upload directory. Mail that.

  14. Q: How do I view Dreams and Legends in LPE?
    A: (Dean)

    From the LPE map window click on the database viewer button in the top LHC. It will say data base viewer when you leave the mouse on it, it looks like a little open book.

    This pulls up the viewer window. On this window there is a pull down menu labelled "Piece Type to View". Click on the little down arrow on the RHS of this box. A list of options should appear. You can select DREAMS or LEGENDS. These will show you dreams and Legends found out by your position, or any other that you have imported.

    Select Dream or Legend. Put a number (e.g. 1) in the "ID #" Box and press the view button.

    This will bring up Dream or Legends #1. You may have no data on this and be presented with an empty white text box. Above this will be forward and back arrow buttons. Use this to cycle through the Legends/Dreans and find the ones that you know about.

  15. Q: How do I change my account number?

    Go to the LPE directory on your computer and open the file game1.ini

    You can probably open it by double clicking, though you may need to use a text editor such as Notepad (Start>Programs>Accessories>Notepad)

    Look for the line that says

    Account Number=xxx

    where xxx is a number from 1-999

    Change the xxx to [New Account Number]. Then save the file. Check the file is still called game1.ini (not game1.ini.txt or game1.txt)

    Repeat with other gameX.ini files.

  16. Q: What are the main causes of corrupting the LPE database?
    A: (From Bob Dessert)

    Many problems the LPE has are due to a corrupted (or a bloated = SLOW) LPE Database.

    In my experience, the main causes of DB problems are, in approximate decreasing order of likelihood:

    1. Importing Exports from other players. This is looking for trouble quickly. Always have allies send their turns, not exports, if you want their data in your LPE.

    2. Making changes to piece data manually in the LPE. Sometimes this seems unavoidable, but really try to minimize it. The "change and save" routines do not seem to be nearly as reliable as the turn importing routines.

      If things are not as you know they should be, try importing your last turn again rather than changing the LPE database. See Q2

    3. Equipment/power failure while using the LPE may corrupt the DB, especially if you are unlucky enough to be writing to the DB when it occurs.

      The next points will effect All programs on the Computer. So watch for problems in other programs as well as the LPE to point to them.
    4. Hard Disk Drives (HDD) that are corrupted by other programs or with too little room on them.

      In a 2003 system, you should have at least 100 MB free on your HDD to allow the operating system to expand the place to put temporary data on the drive. Use Windows Disk Defragmenter to be sure you have no bad sectors on your drive and the drive is optimized for storage.

    5. Imperfect computer electronic memory (RAM, SDRAM, DDR RAM, etc).

      The LPE loads most of the DB files into electronic memory for speed. It will use as much as 90MB for a game with only 150 turns in the DB. So operation with less than about 128MB of electronic memory will work, but slow you down. If your electronic memory is not Perfect, any faults in it will either cause the LPE to fail, or worse, the DB in memory will be written back onto the DB on the HDD and corrupt the DB from then on. Overclocking your computer is a good way to make your memory fail.

    6. Bad or failing Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

      It is a fact of computer operation that eventually ALL HDD that continue to operate will fail. Often at the start of failure, it is not obvious what is happening. Things are taking longer to load and there seem to be “random” failures. If the LPE tries to use the parts of the drive that are about to fail, your DB will be corrupted.

    7. Viruses making the OS operate erratically. It is not likely that a virus will specifically attack the LPE.

  17. Q: What advice do you have concerning restoring an archive?
    A: (From Bob Dessert)

    Unfortunately, there is no LPE menu item to restore the archive. :-( I use the shareware program Winzip to do this. Just open the Windows Explorer and double click on the mmddyy.zip archive file you want to restore. Winzip will open with all the DB files (about 54) archived in it shown. Use the Winzip menu or control-a to select all the files, which will highlight them. Then use your mouse to left click and hold down in the highlighted file area to “grab” all the files and drag them to the Lpe\Data folder. When you are over this folder, it will highlight. Then let go of the left mouse button and the files will start to be copied to that folder. You will likely get a dialog box asking if you want to overwrite a file there with the same name and click “Yes to All”.

    This will restore your DB to the date of the archive. You will have to reimport any files after that date. The files you have previously imported are in the Lpe\Unpack\Read folder. Copy the ones with a later date to the Lpe\Unpack folder and use the LPE to import them again.

    If you are having a problem using the Windows Explorer to do the above, any good windows guru will be able to use it and a program like Winzip to restore the position DB manually in a few moments.

  18. Q: What is a good way to rebuild a defective LPE from scratch?
    A: (From Bob Dessert)

      If you have not been archiving, or suspect something is wrong with the LPE other than the DB, you can rebuild from scratch. BEFORE you do this, make a copy of your entire LPE folder somewhere safe. You ESPECIALLY want to be sure you save the turns you have to import again. They are in the subfolder Lpe\Unpack\Read. Without them, you are dead in the water!

      Then DL the latest LPE, version 1.07 as of this writing. Double-click on this file to install the LPE.

    1. Copy all the turns from the old Lpe\Unpack\Read to the new Lpe\Unpack folder.

    2. Unpack your setup turn.
      Check "Create position for initial turns"
      Check "Import turn results"

    3. Unpack a few weeks of additional turns, but
      Uncheck "Create position for initial turns"
      Uncheck "Import turn results"

      Import the turns. Do not try to import more than about 40 at a time. There was a bug in 1.06 that caused the LPE to crash at about this point and I doubt it was fixed in 1.07.

    4. (Optional) Preserve a known good copy of the LPE and it’s early DB.

      At this point, check out the map and explore the DB to see if it looks good. Then configure your LPE Map and Display options. Now exit the LPE to close all memory mapped files, re-enter it and from the Menu Bar, use Position\Archive Position Data to make a known good archive to restore if you have to go through this again.

    5. An alternate method is to use Winzip and zip up the entire Lpe folder (with paths) and put it in a safe place. Then you can restore the entire folder to exactly the state it was upon zipping if you need to do this again. Saves that initial hour.

    6. Unpack then Import the rest of the turns following 3 and 4 above.

  19. Q: Why is LPE not showing amounts on my possessions?
    A: (From Andreas Bringedal)

    In Norway and other places you write ten point two as 10,2 and not 10.2. The LPE doesn't understand the comma and therefore under windows Norwegian(and others) language the LPE doesn't show the amount of your possessions. It's not hard to change the decimal seperator in windows(Start/control panel/regional settings) but you then have to know that this is the cause of your LPE problems.

    The difference in the LPE is easily spotted by starting the LPE with comma as decimal seperator and look in the LPE for a known force that has possessions. You will see all possessions listed but not the amount of each possession. By quitting the LPE and changing the decimal seperator to '.' and then starting the LPE again you will then see the amount of possessions.

  20. Q: How can I prevent crashing when writing turn orders?
    A: (From Andreas Bringedal)

    Keep Cut and Paste orders to a minimum, especially those relating to soldiers and transfer/equip items.. This confuses the LPE possessions/soldier tracking which sometimes make the LPE crash.

    There is an option in the LPE turn writing tool to autosave. Make sure you have this autosave option turned on in order to prevent large losses of orders when your LPE crash. The save by number of orders is not stored when you close down, so you have to reset it each time you start your LPE. Saving by time delay stays ticked on however and the minimum one minute delay are fair enough. You won't lose many orders.

  21. Q: It crashed when I wrote my turn orders and when I try to open it, it justs crashes again...
    A: (From Andreas Bringedal)

    When reloading your turn orders make your LPE crash then the problem is the tracking. You then need to turn it off before entering the orders section. To do this open the file LPE/GameX.ini where X is the number varying according to how many games you have in your LPE. You may have a handful of these files and you have to open them to find the one corresponding to your current problem. The name of the game will be be found on line 6. Then go to the line called Tracking=1 and change it to Tracking=0. Save the file and then start your LPE. Tracking will now be off and you can reload your turn orders without having your LPE crash.

    In some instances the LPE will crash if you try to turn tracking on again when you continue writing your turn. If that happens you have to turn off tracking again by editing the gameX.ini file. Then when entering the LPE again you need to delete the last orders in the basic order section. Deleting the last 5 lines usually is enough to allow you to turn tracking back on without crashing. Rewrite those lines will not make the problem with tracking reappear. It was some cutting, copying or pasting of orders that created the tracking problem, not the orders in itself.

    Sometimes the LPE crashes just by switching to another order section. This is also a tracking problem usually fixable just by reloading your turn (with or without tracking as necessary).

  22. Q: What's going on with popsegs?.
    A: (From Andreas Bringedal)

    When writing your movement orders the LPE will lose track of all population segments of that force. Therefore enter orders with pop segments before movement orders.

    The LPE doesn't keep track of pop segs of newly activated forces. I think you can avoid this if you really want to by moving the relevant force manually and then exit the LPE and 'build map'. However manually changing data in the LPE carries the risk of currupting your database so the best advice is to just live with the yellow lines and enter the pop seg manually. Also the LPE doesn't seem to find newly activated forces when you target them for spells for instance charm of movement so you have to manually enter the force ids here as well. So just get used to the yellow warning colour.

  23. Q: My LPE crashed when I wrote my orders, what can I do?
    A: (From Andreas Bringedal)

    In addition to the current answers already given Another way to fix this is to reboot your computer. The LPE has a memory glitch that eats up your computer's memory. By restarting your computer you should gain more free memory which at least in some cases (and maybe in all cases) will enable you to run the LPE and load your turn orders and turn on tracking.

    A: (From Sam Roads)

    Windows 95/98 (only) users can use Rambooster to solve memory leakage, downloadable from www.tucows.com.

  24. Q: Over the new year, LPE stops overwriting sighting reports for forces, using the December data in preference to the January data. What can I do?
    A: (From Jim Buell)

    I have found the simplest thing to do here is to remove the force from my LPE database (pull up the force & move it Off-Map). When I or one of my allies sights it next, it is added correctly with the correct date.

  25. Q: How do I run my turn in sequence with those of other players?
    A: (From Harlequin Games)

    When attempting to run orders in a sequence with one or more other players over a period of days, you can decide when your orders are going to process by using 'Save As' to save the LPE orders file appropriately before sending it in. For a turn due to run on the 3rd of August an orders file might be called, for example, n280803t.111 (where n28 is the game, 08 is for august, 03 for the third, t is for turn and 111 is your position number ). If you wish to run a day later merely rename the file n280804t.111 and it will not run on the 3rd but will wait for the 4th.

    If, on the other hand, you are attempting to run orders in sequence with one or more players on the same day, then a bit more care is required. One player determines the order in which the entire group's turns run, all other players defer to that player. This is done in LPE from within the order writing section by selecting 'sequencing' from the 'turn' drop down menu.

    If you do not defer to the player submitting a sequence (even if they submit the same sequence) then your turn will process in random order.

  26. Q: Why Does LPE show incorrect information?
    A: (From Harlequin Games)

    When you see a force on your turn, LPE will show it at that location and will continue to display it at that location until it recieves scouting data to say that the force has moved.

    If you scout the province and do not see the force, LPE does not assume that the force is not there: it is possible that the scouting force didn't see the target.

  27. Q: Why can’t I view an ally’s turn (or my own turn) through the LPE turn viewer?
    A: (From Bruce Daniel and Michel Lanting)

    Assuming you have been able to successfully unpack and import the turn, the problem is likely due to an “offending” character in the read text file. You should be able to go through the basic LPE folder (not the turn viewer from accessed from the main menu of the LPE/LTE) and see the entire text turn. You can then go into the results file of the lpe folder and open that folder. Search for the “offending turn by position and date. Click on the turn and open (probably using note pad, as the easiest way to do this). The text version of the turn should open without any problems. Now you can edit that text file version of the turn. Find the last place you could “see” from going through the turn viewer from the main LPE menu. Delete the last few lines of text and save the turn.

    Now you should be able to view the turn from the basic LPE turn viewer menu.

    This seems to be a problem once turn files get large (over 500K in size).

    • Step 1. Open your lpe for the position in question, check the drop down menu for turn viewer and attempt to open it. If the text turn only opens partially (and you get the “waiting symbol”—the hour glass or spinning disc usually) scroll down to the last test readable. Remember this text (write it down—you won’t be able to highlight and save the text)
    • Step 2. Go to the results file from the lpe FOLDER.
    • Step 3. Open the results file.
    • Step 4. Locate the offending turn (You can make sure this is the right turn by looking at the name. It will be game code date. (dot) position--example IR41010.001
    • Step 5. Open the turn (if a MS operating system you will be given the option to choose from a list—choose note pad –NOTE this DOES NOT work for VISTA, another text editor would have to be used)
    • Step 6. Scroll down to the last readable text from your examination of the turn in the main lpe menu drop down (you will be able to see a text turn there to a certain point and then no additional information)
    • Step 7. Delete the last few words from the text file version, starting at the last viewable portion (2 or 3 characters is probably enough, but deleting an entire line of characters won’t hurt the rest of the turn—you just won’t be able to see those lines of text anymore once you save the edited text version. However, you can copy and paste that text to another file and then once the remainder of this process is done paste that text back into the turn and save it)
    • Step 8. Save the edited text turn.
    • Step 9. Exist out of that turn and go back to the main lpe menu.
    • Step 10. Open the lpe for your position.
    • Step 11. Open the desired text file through the main lpe drop down menu (you should now be able to access the entire text version of your ally’s or your own “offending” turn).

  28. Q: Any advice for Vista?
    A: (From Sam)

    Before you do anything, get into control panel, user accounts and
    Then you might have a chance of installing and running ANYTHING at all on the computer.

  29. Q: Any advice about how to install LPE on Vista?
    A: (From Michael)

    I suggest you don't install it at all. Just copy the entire LPE directory over to the computer with Vista and then make a shortcut to the exe file. The LPE doesn't actually store any info in the windoiws registry so a proper install isn't necessary, and this way you avoid any compatibility issues the LPE installer might have. You might want to throw away everything in the results/data/read directory as that can be huge and you don't actually need it. If you ever need to reload the turns, all zipped turn files are in unpack/read, I never understood why it kept those 1000s of files in the results/data/read directory in the first place. I "installeed" the LPE this way both under XP and Vista and never had a problem.

  30. Q: Can I recover my turn after an LPE crash?
    A: (From Ricco van Prooijen)

    Even if you did not save often or forgot to you can recover the orders you entered after LPE crashes. It autosaves to a backup turn.

    After you crash and lose already entered orders don't reopen LPE (or at least not the order screen) and take these steps:
    • 1. Go to Data/Turns where there is a turn file say TN720105.123 plus a backup BN720105.123. Copy both just in case something goes wrong.
    • 2. Delete TN720105.123.
    • 3. Rename the copy of BN720105.123 to TN720105.123.
    • 4. Open LPE order screen. If empty go to File--> Open turn and open your turn.

  31. Q: How do I cope if LPE keeps crashing due to tracking on a complex order?
    A: (From Marco Dinaro)

    Try to go in the directory LPE/ DATA / TURNS directory and find the file you are using: TC250117.xxx
    Rename the file one day before TC250116.xxx
    Now open LPE - it will open an empty file (called TC250117.xxx).
    Now switch tracking OFF and open the renamed turn.
    Usually at this point you can insert / delete order without crashing.

  32. Q: Do you have any advice for MAC users?
    A: Take a look at this article: MAC Advice

  33. Q: Any advice when installing LPE in Windows 7?
    A: (From Ross Inglis)

    Do not install LPE into the Windows "Program Files" folder. That will lead to UAC issues because it will try to put yout turns in there too, and modern Windows doesn't like user data in that folder. I run with UAC turned on and have no trouble with it on Windows 7.

    Just unpack the latest version from the web page into a folder specific to the LPE. Avoid long folder names as that may also cause a problem for it. Something simple like C:\LPE is good. Run the LPE.EXE directly in that folder. If you create a shortcut make sure the "Start In" folder is where LPE.EXE is stored. Simplest way to properly create a shortcut is to drag LPE.EXE and drop it while holding down the ALT key. You know you've done it right if this makes a new file called "lpe.exe - Shortcut" where you dropped it, and LPE.EXE is still in the LPE folder. A common msitake is forgetting to hold down ALT while doing it, which drags the program out of the LPE folder.

    The config program (LCONFIG.EXE) is what is "incompatible" with Windows 7. Don't run it if you have one. It is not needed. The latest LPE ZIP doesn't contain one. If you have an installer in your folder ("LPE V2.0 installer.exe") don't run that either. It is also old, out of date and unneccessary.

    LPE will auto-configure when it imports a setup turn if the "create position for inital turns" option is ticked (which it is by default).

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