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The following articles have been written by both Legends players and referees, and offer a wealth of advice on many aspects of playing Legends. They assume a level of understanding of the game, and are intended for people already playing Legends. So if you have come here to find out more about Legends in general, why not take a Legends Tour, or see an Overview of the game.

We hope to add further articles over time, and so if you wish to contribute, please get in touch.

There are also further guides aimed specifically at new players available from the resources section:
Click Here to view them.

Where articles refer to LPE, unless otherwise mentioned they refer to version 1.08. However, in most cases the information will be relevant to later versions as well.

For your convenience, these articles will open into new windows.

Harlequin's Disclaimer...Whilst we have no reason to believe any information in the articles is incorrect, Harlequin accepts no responsibility for any errors that may exist, nor for any painful deaths that might arise from following advice found within.


The following articles have been reproduced with kind permission from Aayko's The Legends Corner

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