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Legends - What Is It?

Legends is possibly the most in-depth fantasy game on the market today, combining powerful game mechanics with vibrant and original game worlds.

The Legends game system is rich in both complexity and potential, allowing thousands of different stratagems and options, so that one can play for years and only begin to scratch the surface of the possible. The various modules each offer an entirely new world to be explored and conquered, all with their own unique races, monsters, histories and politics.

Explore on your own, or work as part of a larger faction. Roam the land as dragon-slayer, hero or sword for hire; lead a group of mercenaries or clan of orcs; command cities, armies, fleets. Rise to power through the use of steel, magic, politics, or perhaps a little of each. The worlds of Legends await you; what you do in them is down to you.

You can control up to 40 individual characters who have a variety of statistics, skills, titles and possessions. You can also control a similar number of armies, cities, markets and guilds, if you like a busy game. Alternatively you can enjoy the simplicity of playing a hero and sidekick - making history in the lands owned by the Overlord players.

All 50-100 players can compete individually, or ally into factions that attempt to achieve wildly varying victory conditions. Also you can set and seek to achieve your own goals, such as winning the Knight Championships three times in a row or developing your city to house the greatest market in the world. Or maybe you will simply be content to explore the incredibly detailed module in which you are playing, hunting out secret missions and fulfilling obscure prophecies.

We are also proud to present LPE, a computer software package for the game. This not only allows you to easily enter orders and view turns, but also create and maintain databases of everything you discover, map the land, and exchange information with team members. The future of PBM-Gaming, here today.

Types of Setups (Starting Positions)

There are at least four different styles of game you can enjoy in Legends depending on your start-up choice. They are detailed below, and it is worth noting that Legends is designed to weight equal significance to players who are on a limited budget and choose a Hero position (which rarely costs more than minimum turn cost), as those who play the expansive Overlord position. Thus you cannot buy your way to victory...

Hero Setup

Heroes are the most powerful player characters to stride the face of the Legends worlds. If you want to be a Conan or a Gandalf, this is the set-up choice for you. With no responsibilities for running towns and economies, the Hero is free to persue whatever takes his/her fancy, often selling their unique services to the highest bidder.

Adventurer Setup

Whilst the Hero excels in their own narrow field of expertise (Combat, Magic, etc.), being in control of an Adventuring party which consists of six characters (one main and five secondary characters) gives enough breadth to the abilities and skills that your position possesses, so that you can competently turn your hand to any task. Some modules even allow the new Clan setup with a total of eight starting characters.

Mercenary Setup

The Mercenary starts with a small castle populated by denziens of the same race as your main character, three secondary characters and a complement of above average soldiers. For the best starting mix of a wise general and veteran soldiers at game start, this can be the position of choice.

Overlord Setup

The Overlord position has the "weakest" of all starting main characters. However, to make up for this he has five secondary characters, a large population in his fortified castle, and a goodly sized complement of militia soldiers. From the start, then, you have an economy to run, and often form a base for Heros that would like to build guilds in your town or fight in your army.

How much does it cost?

To start up in Legends costs 5.
After that, turns cost 7p/order (minimum 3.70, maximum 10.).

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