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Welcome to the home of Legends, an award-winning fantasy turn-based game. Explore and conquer vibrant and original worlds that stretch the limits of imagination and possibility.

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Blood Tides Rising 3 Duo released! Pledge Deadline Monday the 3rd April 2017. See the BTR3 page for full details on submiting pledges..

Swords of Pelarn 27 Duo/Trio released! Pledge Deadline Monday the 19th Sept 2016. See the SOP27 page for full details on picking faction coalitions, options for Duo/Trio setups and submiting pledges..

A Poll has been opened to chose the next module variant. Read the Poll Page for details and then vote in the actual Whispers Poll to help us choose the next game.

The The Legends Toolbox (version 102a) has been released. This program will allow you to search through your LPE results for messages, adventures, Simulate Battles and more!

One Ring 6 has started. Setups have been sent out and factions numbers updated on the webpage.!

The Legends Position Editor (LPE) Order writer has been updated (version 2.5.0). This update will allow players to write 300 General Basic Orders if that feature has been enabled in a given particular game of Legends, e.g. One Ring 6. Go to the LPE webpage to download the zipfile of the newest version.

One Ring 6 has been announced and is open for pledges!

Immortal Realms 7 Duo coalition size extended to 12! Submit late pledges/setups ASAP!

Reavers Victory in Avalon Revisted 25. This Game will continue to process turns with ongonig explorer play.

Immortal Realms 7 Duo is now full! Setup Deadline Monday the 6th July 2015. See the IR7 page for full details on how faction coalitions can affect your setup choices.

Viking Victory in Blood Tides Rising 1. This Game will continue to process turns up until production August 9th!

Immortal Realms 7 Duo released! Pledge Deadline Monday the 29th June 2015. See the IR7 page for full details on picking faction coalitions, options for Duo setups and submiting pledges..

Blood Tides Rising 2 has started. Initial turns sent out 03/03/2015. Players can still set-up in this game, don't miss the Longship!

Harlequin Games has launched a Development web page where we list proposed developments to the Legends Game, LPE and Modules.

A Poll has been opened to chose the next module variant to run after BTR2.

Blood Tides Rising 2 Set-up deadline has passed. Players can still set-up in this game!

Blood Tides Rising 2 released! Pledge Deadline Monday the 15th Dec 2014. See the BTR2 page for full details on picking factions and submiting setups.. BTR setup deadline 9am Monday 22nd Sept 2014. Get the updated module book (with bookmarks), a changelog document and a King's peace document, from the BTR1 page.

BTR Base data released! Download and upack this LPE directory which has the base data for BTR already unpacked and imported. Run the LPE from inside the unzipped directory (Preferred Win7/8 solution). For those of you that want the raw base data file click here. This should help you plan your set-ups for BTR1.

Harlequin Games is pleased to announce the release of it brand new module Blood Tides Rising (BTR) for the players to read. Go to the BTR module page to read about the world background and to the BTR1 page to read about signing up for the game and the game settings! BTR 1 will run as an International Game with players from HG and SSV participating.

Harlequin Legends House Rules have been updated. New and experienced players alike should check them out. Click Here to see them.

Details of the next game of Legends, COC26 (Throne+Chaos minions) are now online for players to view. Click Here to see them. Do YOU want to be a Duke, Baron, Citizen, Agitator or Chaos Minion?

Congratulations to the Paverain and Talthain factions, for their joint victory in Immortals' Realm 6. For details of the winners, Click Here.

Congratulations to The Call of Gondor faction, for their recent victory in The One Ring 4. For details of the winners, Click Here.

The OR5 Explorer game is now open to accept setups/pledges. Note that the setup sheets have been updated, so please download the latest version from the module page. Premier submission deadline is July 22nd. For full details, Click Here.

Congratulations to the Alveran faction, for their recent victory in North Island Campaign 73. For details of the winners, Click Here.

We're pleased to announce that Avalon Revisited 25 is now accepting setups - for more details Click Here. The AR module has been updated slightly to clear up the discrepancies between the Adventures in Avalon module and the Avalon Revisited module, so please download a new version from the module page, and if you have any questions get in touch.

Also, detailed proposals for the next game in the One Ring module are available: Click Here for details. It will be an explorer game, probably with a basher-only victory option.

Congratulations to the SSV Solara Faction, for their victory in the N44 Champions Game. For full details of the winners, Click Here.

Need help using LPE on Windows 7? Click Here to take a look at Ross's advice.

We are now accepting pledges for the new OR module. It is a short deadline, as we need first phase pledges in by the 1st October, so if you are interested in playing, then get pledging! Click Here for full details of the module.

Jan Molenkamp has created a list of OR Runepower reports, which is available from this website. Click Here to view or download it.

Congratulations to The Royal House of Talthain on their Victory in IR5: no opponents remain who are willing or able to oppose their victory.

We have a new version of the NIC module available. Those changes to the module listed on the individual game pages that are common to all NIC games are now included in the module, and have been removed from the game pages. Click Here to view or it. (Note that if the title fonts do not appear correctly, try saving the file then opening with Acrobat.)

We have a new version of LPE available for games with an xml data file. If you were previously using v2.3, please upgrade to this one. Click Here to download it.

We have added some important new advice on LPE movement to the LPE FAQs - Click Here for full details.

We are delighted to announce that Harlequin Games won the Best PBM award at Origins for our Legends Module "The One Ring". The creative team was led by Sam Roads and (Austrian Legends Moderator) Klaus Bachler. John Davis did his usual magic on the words and layout, and Clint Oldridge, Edward Lane and Johannes Klapf contributed game design and cartography. Click Here to read about the awards.

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"The strength of a game is not how you play, not how long you play, but rather how often you think of the game when you are not playing." Jim Landes

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