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Contact the Exile GM

Exile is not run from the Harlequin office, but by Marcus Taylor. To contact him, email:


Important Notice Regarding Turnaround

Exile is now running at a slowed turnaround. This rate varies, but can be monthly or slower. If you are thinking of playing, please contact the GM Marcus Taylor (narya_and_anlerran@tiscali.co.uk) to find out the current turnaround and to make sure you are happy to play the game at that speed.

Exile - What Is It?

The longest running hand-moderated fantasy role playing PBM, now revitalised in the award-winning Exile area.

Exile is a single-character Play By Mail game set in the world of Saturnalia - a world which has existed in various PBM formats for almost thirty years. The Sixty Isles of Exile are undergoing a renaissance after centuries of tyranny, and this new nation offers myriad opportunities to those with the wit and daring to make their name.

Exile is a realm of powerful - but rare - magic, where the theocracy of the Rex Cabal rules in the name of the Fourteen Gods. It is a land of deep intrigue and hidden secrets, of dark horror, forgotten magic and fantastic inventions. The game has a Renaissance - even Victoriana - feel to it, and draws on influences such as Bram Stoker, Fritz Leiber, and Alan Moore rather than Tolkien, or other fantasy authors. Success in the game depends far more on the choices and the allies you make, than the power of your character - cunning plans, inherent skills and loyal allies will mean far more than any amount of equipment or magic items.

Although there are plenty of opportunities for fighting or 'adventuring', the game places an emphasis on characterisation and interaction. The turns themselves are written from a first-person perspective which allows for greater depth and development. Interaction with other players is commonplace, and the game has a thriving community on Yahoo Groups to which the GM and players are regular contributors, and its own active wiki website.


To start up in Exile costs 10., which includes 2 free turns.
After that, turns cost 4., though it is possible to pay more for longer turns.

Contact the GM for methods of payment at


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