Guide to being an Ulcer

by Edi birsan

Seems there is a recurring need for discussions of what the little guys can do against the bigger guys.

Generally my feelings are in general:

1. never lump your assets together

2. always spread your characters out

3. stash a resurrection class cleric

4. if you have access to nomad pop spread them out in some camps to provide some logistic support

5. change force numbers

6. learn to skip jump in and out of ruins and locations to both use the MAR of the locations as well as to stay out of soldier raid range

7. learn to make barriers

8. learn anti production spells like reduce flora, winternight,

9. try to get someone with the pox or plague and have some healing potions with him and invisibility

10. use scout killers, forces with 3 or 4 soldiers designed to sweep ahead of where you are going to kill other people's scouts,

11. have city watch patrols, often with flyers to nail other people's scouts

12. sometimes use a shadow city in the same location as your main to shuttle resources and use SEI spells

13. transfer stuff to and around your markets, guilds and location to avoid pinching

14. try to develop covert skills

15. ego attack and MAR spells can be a nice combination....kill someone and then put a shell on the target to hurt resurrection

16. learn to summon resources so that you can cause depletion and anchor targets

17. learn teleport and Power Point teleportation

18. go into your enemies forces so that he can disband them and make him use up his force limit

19. try to drain off as many enemy defensive actions as you can

20. use rumormongers to locate things like cloud castles (if your game give exact locations) and use it regularly on your own location to find who is lurking around

21. try influence raids if you have a match up on the races

22. convert lower level loyalty characters to wierd religions to cause pop/loyalty revolts

23. challenge home guilds for control and use the guilds as trojan horses to attack sei from within

24. build a guild in an enemy location to really twist his nose, though you will lose the guild it again eats up actions

25. create information banks and send it to his/their enemies

The most important thing in running a resistance movement is to NEVER GIVE UP or DROP OUT, an ulcer is only as good as it continues to bleed.