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A File from Aayko's The Legends Corner

The following is to clarify the text of p. 42 of the Rules Books a bit (not overly clear).

Tradegood Formula: the tradegood distance formula is sensitive to variations in both the X and the Y directions. So to maximize returns, move to a sale that is diagonally distant from your goods' province of manufacture.

Distance is the number of provinces travelled. Diagonal movement is dealt with using Pythagoras' theorem ... for those of you who have completely forgotten high school math, distance is the square root of the sum of the X distance squared plus the Y distance squared.
SQR([X2-X1]*[X2-X1] + [Y2-Y1]*[Y2-Y1])
with [X2-X1] and [Y2 - Y1] being the absolute (i.e. positive) differences between the X and Y coordinates of the two provinces involved (place of manufacture and place of sale).

Base value: 3 crowns times distance.

Bonus factor: a random factor added to the Base value of 3 crowns; the maximum of this factor is based on what percent of the possible map you have travelled. Your bonus will range from +.01 crown up to the percent you have travelled (divided by 100%), with a maximum of +1 crown.

The largest difference you can possibly travel on a map of 130/80 coordinates (the normal Legends map) is:
SQR (129*129 + 79*79) = 151,
or rather as seems to be used (cf. p. 42; not totally correct IMHO):
SQR (130*130 + 80*80) = 152


travel 10% of the map: bonus of .01 to .10 crowns per tradegood

travel 50% of the map: bonus of .01 to .5 crowns per tradegood

travel 100% of the map (ie from 1/1 to 130/80): bonus of .01 to 1 crown per tradegood.

The total crown value of a tradegood is thus 3 plus the bonus, times the distance.

Concrete examples:

1) Tradegoods from 10,10 are sold in province 10,60.

The distance is 50, which is about 1/3 of the maximum possible with a 130/80 map, so the value per tradegood will range from 3.01 to 3.33 times 50:

minimum value : 150

maximum value : 166

average return: 158

2) Tradegoods from 17,20 are sold in province 82,60.

The distance is 76 [82-17 = 65, 60-20=40; SQR(65*65+40*40)= 76], which is about 1/2 the maximum possible [152], so the value will range from 3.01 to 3.5, times 76:

minimum value : 229

maximum value : 266

average return: 248

Note these values are before any bonuses from Merchant skills!

TG IDs: Tradegoods show in their name where they have been made - but with a random margin of a few provinces. Also in their id# they show their production center, thus (as stated by Mons Johnson): "Tradegoods (TGs) are marked as being produced in an even/even province. So if your location was in p23/45 or in p23/46 then the TG would ID as being produced in p24/46. The TGs are numbered from left to right, top to bottom. Starting from the number 3001 for the first spot (i.e. province 2/2). This gives us the formula:

TG id# = 3000 + X/2 + 65*(Y-2)/2, where X & Y are the province numbers "