Handling Squatters

A File from Aayko's The Legends Corner

Based on contributions by: Ross Inglis, Edi Birsan, Ron Hunt

If you have an unwanted NPC in your party, free and alive - how to get rid of him?! You cannot assign him to a slot and have him killed in duel/battle (see B8).

Options roughly in order of preference:
[* = you want him to remain alive]

1*) Influence him
2*) Move in soldiers and do Military order 31 Capture
3*) Temporarily gift the force to an ally and raid it several times in the hope of capturing the guy.
4*) Make the force a location, gift it to the NPC and Conquer it several times in the hope of capturing the guy (even though not in slot, it could be done, especially if he was already wounded).
5) a*) Kidnap him, or b) Assassinate him
6) Ego Attack him till he dies and can be burried
7) Give a mighty combat orientated character a thief, spy or assassin skill at level 1. Have him do a covert action against the NPC. With a bit of luck the NPC will capture your character. Your character now tries to Escape and kills the NPC in the duel that is likely to occur.
8*) Geas/Charm him
9) Convert him and cast Wrath of God at him till he dies
10) Sit and wait - If he is a Blood enemy there is a chance he will toss himself at his blood enemy during the month and hopefull will get killed. If he is a monster he may simply flee.
11*) Do some serious begging with the GM.
12*) Let the poor squatter sit in the empty force and get on with your life.