Setup Guilds and Guild Facilities

Version 3
A File from Aayko's The Legends Corner

Setup Guilds

If you do a setup in Crown of Chaos (CC) or another module that allow them, do not forget to indicate on your setup form what Setup Guilds you want, what type, who their sponsor is, and what's the guild name. Plus in which location they must be build! The rules for Setup Guilds are:

* ANY character of your Setup (i.e. all characters with id#1-1000) can sponsor a Setup Guild, not just your Main.
* The sponsor must meet the normal building requirements (skill/PC level) for that guild type!! Any skill of the sponsor can be used, not just the highest one. Even a Residence may be chosen.
* For CC: the starting guild owned by a secondary character has to be placed in a city of its own race (not in that of the race of the main character); so the words "your race" of the CC book p.4 refers to the Sponsor (not to you, the player, in the sense of the Main).
* An Overlord can own as possible set-up guilds:
Church, Ranger, Knight, Inn, Tournament, Residence
Most common is for them to build a Church and then a Knight's guild and/or an Inn. Look at order G1 why a Church.... (And note that Merchant Guilds now are, like Churches and Thieves Guilds, more effective in raising SEI, which was not the case before, I think.)
Only the D class and E class characters can build the Magic and Alchemist guilds - which is a (tiny) benefit of the Mercenary option vs. the Overlord option.

Guild Facilities

A new feature in LII games are the Facilities, that can be build in a guild to generate specific effects. For the building materials and facility effects, see the book, p.38.

* Remember that only guilds that are directly owned by a MAIN character can have facilities built in them. The guild must already exist before you can add a Facility.
* The owner of the guild need not be present to build a facility. Look at order G9 and note that it is the GUILD that does the building, and not the Main character (p.38 falsely suggests the latter).
* Facilities give their benefits only to persons or items inside of the guild, not to those in the city or on the road. So a Stable only benefits herds in the guild, a Dungeon applies only to prisonners in the guild, a Vault applies only to crowns in the guild, a Palace provides INF/Prestige bonuses only to a Main being inside of the guild, etc.
* A guild may have more than one facility of a DIFFERENT type. So a Residence can have a Dungeon, a Palace and a Vault, but not two Dungeons.
* The building materials for making a facility, need to be in the guild. The building is done with G9 (Sponsor = guild, Target = e.g. 2 for a Shrine, etc.) Only guilds owned by a Main can do order G9.
* Guild Facilities cannot seperately be taken by challenge, as they go with the guild.

* The +25 study benefits on p. 38 are a flat +25% increase, and not a % increase to the Base chance.
* The value of the Guild will add to the facility effect (i.e: Guild Str + facility effect)!
* Smithy: the +50% Runemaster value to make items means that when you have a runemaster trying to make an item duplicate, he has a flat +50% to the CHANCE (chance is still normally capped).
* Library: will not add +25% to spell research (S11) or studying Attributes (S2), it only adds towards skill rank improvement (S1).

For the facilities (Stable, Smithy) that require mana, the following is valid:
- The mana has to come from the guild owner, but apparantly also in this case he does not need to be present.
- Any mana will do, also holy mana. So also a priest can build a Stable if he fulfills the other requirements.
- Free mana can not be employed in this task, only the mana supplied by the arcane/priest level. So a magic user does not gain for "in arcane" or other such bonuses. You must have 25 or 35 mana available on your PC's arcane overview.

* You can take a Residence as Setup Guild, but it does NOT give any prestige. Production (Toggle setting) will not increase the guild strenght of a residence above 2. However you can increase its strength by spell #19. A good reason for doing that would be order P7 that after all has "guild str. times 5". As we saw above, the guild strenght adds to the facility effect, so also for Palaces etc. boosting Residence guild strenght is useful.
* Dungeon: if a prisonner in a dungeon tries to escape, then only the guards of the guild count, not those of the location.
* As soldiers in a guild guard with square root of (sum of guard ratings of soldiers times 3), see C10 and C12, a Dungeon or Vault facility bonus of a flat +50% counts as: 833 extra militia soldiers (with Guard rating 1), or 33 extra Guards (Guard rating 25).. Which is not too much. However, this only is valid if you have zero real soldiers in the guild. As Jimmy van der Meij pointed out to me: if you have 100 real guards in there, which give a protection of 86.6%, and you add to that the 50% bonus, you get 136.6%. And if you calculate the latter figure back to soldiers, you get a total of 248.8 guards, so a facility in that case gives an increase of 148-149 guards, and not a mere 33! So the benefit of such a facility rises with the amount of real soldiers present. For example, if the town owner does not allow more than 100 soldiers in the guild, adding a facility can more than double your guards! Further you can boost the strenght of the Residence in an excessive way to add to that. The fact remains though that the average town holder will likely just want to store his goodies/prisonners in his location. For the facility bonusses will likely not be enough to compensate the reduced number of guards that a guild can host compared to a location. However, the Dungeon has the benefit of Interrogation (P7)! A good reason to build one and boost your Residence - but not to hold prisonners in, just to interrogate them temporarily. But why you would want to build a Vault seems less obvious. Not even when you would manage to somehow magically boosts your Residence to str. 50. Anyone sees a reason?? If you are a Hero without any soldiers, you would rather eat your hard-won gold than leaving them for all coverts to spot in a residence in some provincial town, guarded by 33 virtual guards... And normally crowns are not the problem for a lair basher anyhow, it are all the piles of junk he would like to store somewhere SAFELY. Hmmm?

Challenging for Guild Control

Note that you can challenge your own secondary or tertiary characters for control of their guilds, so to get the guild's prestige to your Main. No loss of loyality or other nastiness happens.